Why I am Finally over the Kardashians

Kourtney could care less

I know I know, commence eye roll “So you’re saying you were WITH the Kardashians at some point”. Hold your judgement and side eyes, because yes once upon a time I had a bit of a thing for the Kardashians. How could I not? When the E channel is constantly marathoning the hell out of Keeping up with the Kardashians making it easy to binge watch on a Sunday, or they are all over my Instagram feed. I love me some reality tv and tabloids so the Kardashians were a great collaboration of the two. But that was once upon a time. I’m finally over the Kardashians and not for the obvious reasons you may think. Here are a few very important reasons why I will no longer be Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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How to Survive School as a Mature Student

Important things to remember when attending college or university as a mature student

Life is not one linear path. We are conditioned to believe that life is to go as follows: school, post-secondary, work, marriage, kids and retirement. But for some, if not most of us, this is not always the case. It can be school, post-secondary, work, post-secondary, work, marriage, post-secondary, kids, post-secondary.

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Freelance Writing Roundup – October 2015

First hand account of my journey into freelance writing

This is the first of many monthly roundup posts I intend on writing to share my journey into the wonderful world of freelance writing. These posts will contain my reflections based on my experiences for the month, an account of what I’ve accomplished and also my future goals and plans. There are two reasons why I’ve decided to start a monthly roundup. The first, is to hold myself accountable and on the right path. The second, is to hopefully help any of you that decide to go down this same road and to provide some information from my own experiences.

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Thoughts I had during the Emmys Awards 2015


I love awards show. In fact, awards show and any type of annual event where celebrities gather to be ridiculously good looking and possibly act a fool, are the real reason why I even bother subscribing to cable. Here a few random thoughts that went through my head last night while watching The 67th Emmys Award Show 2015.

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Pool Days

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One of the best things to do on a hot summer day is to go to a local watering hole. We had originally planned to go to the beach, but the prospect of riding in the car with a screaming baby for 1 1/2 hrs was not too appealing. We opted for something else. A local outdoor pool that’s made to look like the beach.

Close enough? We could enjoy the feeling of a beach without the messy sand and with the added bonus of large trees to hide out under from the sun. Even better!

water, baby, pool. outdoor, waterloo, kitchener, kiwanis, park, summer, what to do, hot, where to go, manmade

We started Lincoln in swimming lessons at 5 months and he loves it! They don’t learn much during the first year but it’s just to get used to being in the water.

List of Local Free Splash Parks

City of Cambridge Spray Pads

City of Guelph Splash Pads and Water Features

City of Kitchener Pools and Swimming

Waterloo Lions Lagoon Splash Pad

Look around your city for splash parks that are free (there’s tons). Kiwanis Park is not free and we had to pay per adult and even for Lincoln. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that we had to pay for a 6 month old baby. Isn’t the best part of having babies is that they are pretty much free everywhere until they’re 2?



Swaddling – How to and Product Review

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I’ve started a new series on my Youtube channel called “Baby Basics”. I’ll be covering various topics of interest for the first year of our babies’ lives. The first video I filmed was about swaddling. I cover how to, what is it, when to and why do we swaddle. I also did a quick review on a few different swaddling products as well.

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