How to pack for an unexpected last minute Trip

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I recently had to take a last minute road trip to Ottawa for a family emergency. I got the call from work, rushed home and had to pack as quickly as possible for both myself and Link. Flustered as I was, I managed to pack everything I needed without forgetting too many items. Having to pack for a trip is cumbersome enough, but packing for an unexpected last minute trip with less than an hour to spare….that’s just crazy! I came up with a few tips that can help anyone pack for an impromptu trip.

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Challenge #1 – Clean and Organize your Entryway/Foyer

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The thought of doing a major overhaul of my life is a daunting thought. I figure the best place to start is to organize my home. Okay, that’s a huge task in itself, let’s break it down even more. So I started at our entryway/foyer, the first place you see when you enter our home. By only concentrating on organizing one area at a time, the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming and I actually was getting stuff done. Here’s how it went down

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Friday Favourites – Mar.11/16

This Friday is goody. I’m actually featuring stuff that I have been enjoying through viewing and reading.  You can be assured that this week’s favourites have definitely got me hooked!

This K-Drama

Witch's Romance, the best noona romance with the best chemistry between a couple

Witch’s Romance

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched K-dramas, and even longer since I’ve watched one that I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed and not wanted to groan in exasperation. Witch’s Romance is about a 39 year old single career woman that is known as a “witch” for her short temper and brutal honesty. She meets a 25 year old jack of all trades and sexual tension and hilarity ensues. This drama is so good! It’s got me laughing and actually shipping the main couple. I love them both, they have amazing chemistry and there’s none of the things that I hate about K-dramas: no noble idiocy, no neutered romance and no weak ass princess leads.

If you want a more in-depth, and extremely funny and accurate review: Go to

This Binge-Worthy Show




We’ve only watched three episodes, but we are already extremely committed. This show had us hooked right from the get go. Going into this show I admit I knew nothing about it other than Ken wanted to watch it and it won some awards at the Golden Globes. The show will have you paranoid about computer hacking and all its wonders. The main character is a troubled young man that has major social issues. He doesn’t talk much when it comes to dialogue but as the viewer you get access to how his mind works as his sort of “imaginary friend”. It will have you laughing, it will have you thinking and it will have you wanting more!

This Reviver of Gangsta Rap in my Life


src: 2dopeboyz

Straight Outta Compton

We randomly watched this movie and I get it! Why didn’t this movie got nominated for more awards? The acting was really good and I was not expecting much of a performance. I particularly thought the actor (Jason Mitchell) playing Eazy E did an amazing job. And Paul Giamatti was unrecognizable, such a great job! This movie also revived my love for gangsta music. Let’s just say I’ve been blasting a lot of West Coast 90’s rap during my work commute, which is the only time the little guy is not with me.

This Unexpected Guilty Pleasure

Best Harry Potter fanfiction for Dramione shippers

src: meldmagazine

Harry Potter Fanfiction – Isolation

I am a complete newb to fanfiction of any sort but I am devoted fan of Harry Potter. I’ve read all the books, watched all the movies and am patiently waiting for the newest book to come out in July. One of the few things I never was really 100% behind were the love interests and who everybody ended up with.


I mean, really Harry and Ginny? I don’t even want to get started on that one.


This particular fanfiction is actually about a secret affair between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. I totally ship these two together! I love a good relationship that starts off with the two hating each other where a love blossoms out of the tension and conflict. If you’re a Malfoy/Granger aka Dramione shipper, Isolation is a definite must read. The fanfic takes place during the Deathly Hallows where instead of joining Harry and Ron on their crusade for the Horcruxes, Hermione stays behind at Hogwarts. She is given the undesirable task of babysitting Draco as he hides from Voldemort who wants him dead. Locked away in a room together, some major tension builds only to explode into a passionate love affair. Forget Fifty Shades, this is where it’s at!

This Fun and Contorversial Read

french kids eat everything

French Kids Eat Everything

After renewing this book three times I finally finished it! Since Lincoln started eating solids I have been obsessed with making sure he eats a variety of food and enjoys eating. I admit I’ve gone a bit overboard with making all his food myself, but I think eating well is such an important skill. Yes I just called eating a skill.  According to  French Kids Eat Everything, picky eating is a North American problem. This book really fascinated me in how the French approach food and teaching their children to not only make healthy food choices but also how to enjoy food and behave appropriately at the dinner table, at home or out in public. Things such as eating meals with your kids, eating meals every day at the same time and providing variety and a relaxed atmosphere  during mealtime are just a few tips on how to achieve this goal. So far Lincoln is an amazing eater. I know there are tough times ahead of us as we enter the toddler years though so I’m not holding my breath just yet.


Fun Stuff Friday Mar.04/16

Happy first Friday of the month! We just suffered a winter storm up here. Pretty mild one if you ask me by Canadian standards, but still the snow was falling down! Here’s a few things I found this week that tickled my fancy and may or may not tickle your’s as well. Enjoy!

These words of Wisdom


The twenties are a confusing time. a few successful women take a look back on their twenties and it is very interesting. We all struggle, but hopefully it all leads to something great.

This Millennial Inspiration

Bing Chen

source: LinkedIn

So Money Podcast – Farnoosh Ep. 358 – Bing Chen, Digital Media Founder Millennial Week
When you want to feel bad about your present accomplishments listen to this podcast. Just kidding, but seriously this guy is amazing! One of Forbes’ 30 under 30, Bing was once the Global Head of Creator Development & Management for Youtube during the company’s most crucial time in history where basically everything happened. He spearheaded most of Youtube’s major acquisitions and projects that changed the face of the platform and made it the powerhouse it is today.  I couldn’t help but hang off of every word this guy had to say. Hugely intelligent, ambitious and out of the box thinker.

These tricky Tricks

Jedi mind tricks for the rest of us. Some of these are valid. Some of them are a joke.. Some of them are just straight up manipulative. But all in good jest.

This Binge-Worthy TV Series

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

source: darkravenblog

Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown.

Bourdain travels around the world and gives us access to places that we wouldn’t normally get to see. He visits places of social and political unrest, places often difficult to travel into and gives us a look into the everyday lives of different cultures. All this while eating and drinking everything under the sun. I’m learning so much about the world. He’s super cool . Rock star of the culinary world.

Embrace Minimalism

embrace a minimalist lifestyle and enjoy true freedom

As I go down this financial makeover I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am going to have to really pare down around here. I’ve spent the last month refraining from any unnecessary shopping and spending because I’ve been on maternity leave which has forced me to live on 60% of my income. Having done this I know it’s doable. I can continue to do this even though I am back to work now. Take a look around your home and ask yourself “Do I really need all this stuff? What does all this stuff mean to me? What does it do for me?”. The answers may surprise you.

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How to save money on your utility Bills

how to save money on your utility bills

By making a few simple changes in your everyday routine and investing a little money in tweaking your home now, you can end up saving big bucks on your utility bills in the long run. These are some great tips that are beyond the obvious and anyone can do without compromising your quality of life, or as I like to call it: without going full ghetto

1.Get a programmable Thermostat

  • set it to a lower temperature when you’re at work during the day when energy costs are the highest, and turn it up about half an hour before you get home so it’s nice and warm for you
  • receive a $25 credit on your Union Gas bill when you purchase any programmable thermostat
  • save up to $100/yr in energy costs

2. Install a rainfall shower Head

  • save up to $100/year in water-heating costs
  • delivers lots of pressure but uses only half the water
  • plus it looks and feels luxurious

3. Weather strip and caulk your windows and door Cracks

  • stop warm air from escaping and cold air from coming into your house
  • wasting 40% of home’s heating dollars

4. Make your curtains work for You

  • during the day open your curtains to warm your home up and close them to keep out the chill at night

5. Change your filters every 3 months

  • a clean furnace works more efficiently

6. Do the laundry and run the dishwasher during off-peak hours

  • 7 pm to 7 am, and weekends

7. Switch out your light bulbs to energy star bulbs (aka. the coiled ones)

  • uses 75% less energy than the regular ones

Do you have any money-saving tips when it comes to your utility bills? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to read them!

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