About Me

profileHello World! My name is Souda and welcome to “The Loki Life”. Here I share with you my daily life around my community, travel adventures, ramblings about things I’m passionate about and of course my personal style diaries.

I named this site after my cat Loki because his little personality just embodies everything I want my life to be like. Lots of fun, randomness with the occasional bursts of energy followed by some chilling hard time. Loki can also be a play on words like “low key”, as I have reached a point in my life where things have slowed down a bit. I recently got married and am now living in my hometown about an hour away from the “big city”, living a somewhat low key life.

Being married with no kids and living in a suburban town doesn’t equal a boring life. Quite the contrary my friends! Welcome to my world and come with me on this journey to discovering the extraordinary from the ordinary.


For general and business inquiries please contact me at thelokilife@gmail.com