How to Dress for Winter : Day Series

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I will be writing a two part series in where I discuss strategies in dressing appropriately for the winter weather without having to look like a sad sack of potatoes (no offense to sacks of potatoes). If you live in a similar climate as mine you’ll fully understand the trials and tribulations of varying temperatures and weather conditions on a daily basis. There’s a joke we like to recite around here and it goes: “ If you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and step outside again”. This alludes to the times when our weather can possibly go from a full blown snow storm to freezing rain to hail and then some warm sunshine all in one day.

This first post will concentrate on some day looks and I’ve broken them up into three categories starting from the mildest to coldest of cold.

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A Shopping Review: ASOS

asos, haul, online shopping, review, canadaI just had to choose this picture as my title picture because it’s so hilarious. Like what the hell was I doing? Measuring the box with my hands as I was about to sneeze? Right!

I’m not a big online shopper. I am however a huge online window shopper. I like to browse through websites, create an imaginary shopping basket of items I like and admire all the pretty clothes I can’t afford or will never own. The only times I ever actually follow through on these “dream” baskets, is when I am desperate. Desperate times may include events, parties/weddings or vacations. This time it was a vacation.

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Buying Chanel for the First Time: Part Three – Loving

chanel, wallet on chain, chanel woc, woc, buying chanel for the first timeSo you’ve bought your first Chanel and now it’s time to bring her home. But before you rip that pretty little box open and start to wear your new beauty there’s a few things to keep in mind. I’m going to tell you a few things that I do to ensure my WOC lasts the tests of time and stays looking brand new.

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Buying Chanel for the First time – Part One Determination


Remember this post? I said I would write a post about my first Chanel and here it is. I’ve never owned a high end designer purse. I’ve had my Coach’s and my Michael Kors, but that’s as crazy as its gotten. I wanted my first designer bag to be something special, something I would always cherish, something classic. Nothing is more classic than Chanel.

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