Fall in Love with Autumn

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Fall is my favourite season. The falling leaves give beauty to the landscape, the crisp air is refreshing after the hot summer and not to mention all the fun fall activities. Every year I try to make a point to embark on a few fall traditions to really get the most of the beautiful season.

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8 Things you Will See at Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium

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Hey guys! Don’t worry I’m still alive and kicking it. I know I’ve been MIA for the past two months, but I am back and you can all look forward to more posts from The Loki Life. The next few posts will be a bit of back tracking as I did go on a few adventures this summer that I would like to share with you all. This post is about the trip we took to the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium and all the cool things you can expect to see when you go. We took the in laws there for Father’s Day back in June.

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Alternative Winter Activities at Blue Mountain

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Were any of you watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics? The winter Olympics are always an exciting time because Canada tends to dominate in this season.  Go Canada Go! Watching the winter Olympics have inspired me to really get out there and enjoy the winter season. Every year I proclaim how much I hate winter and hole myself up indoors for the next 4 months. This year is different. It’s all about taking ourselves out of our comfort zones and trying new things.

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Adventures at Crawford Lake, ON

crawford lake, ontario, fall, autumn, canada, things to do, hikingI’ve been meaning to put this post up for a long time. I guess November just slipped right through my hands. We’re at the tail end of a seven day long winter wonderland so I thought it’d be nice to look back on the last warm autumn day I could remember. The day we finally went on that hike we’ve been talking about for years at Crawford Lake.

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Ottawa : Tourist Day

Whenever we go to Ottawa we are usually extremely busy with family stuff. We decided that this time we would take an extra day off to explore the city a bit. We took a double decker tour bus that started at the Parliament. I wish I had taken a picture of it! Darn it! If you ever go to Ottawa and want to do some touristy things, I definitely recommend the Lady Dive double decker tour bus.  For $31 you can get a one-day pass to this hop on and hop off bus tour. The bus takes you to all the major landmarks that shape our capital city.

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