Cherry Blossoms at High Park

cherry blossoms, high park, spring, canada, ontario, popular, famous, pretty, flowers, black and white, houndstooth, oversized, jacket, white, keds, citizens of humanityOnce a year for just a few days, Toronto’s High Park plays host to a beautiful scene of cherry blossoms in full bloom. This year we decided to take the pilgrimage for the first time to see these beauties in person.

graffiti, wall, toronto, high park, subway, station, ootd, black and white, houndstooth, keds, oversized jacketWe decided to park the car and take the subway over. I hear it gets quite busy at the park during cherry blossom season and we didn’t want to bother with traffic and finding parking. The subway stop is right across the street from the park and is conveniently named High Park. I used to live and breathe the TTC when I lived in Toronto, but it’s been awhile and I felt like a fresh newb taking the subway. Ken and I marvelled at the brand new trains on the Yonge line. Super clean and high tech, we like!

cherry blossoms, toronto, high park, spring, pretty, flowers, bloom, 2014, outfit, what to wear, keds, comfyThe weather was not cooperating for us the day we went. It was cold, windy and sprinkling raindrops throughout the day. Since we were riding the subway, going to be walking A LOT and the weather was crap I decided that comfort and warmth was key. When it comes to fashion I love to dress up and have fun, but I am also realistic and don’t believe one has to sacrifice function. So I slipped on my go to comfy Keds, my stretchy Citizens jeggings and this over sized hounds tooth jacket I inherited from my mama.

cherry blossoms, spring, toronto, high park, canada, ontarioUnfortunately since the winter was so horrendously cold and April showers decided to hit us hard in May, the cherry blossoms did not bloom to their full potential this year. By the time we got to High Park, the cherry blossoms had only half bloomed and had already made their descent to the ground. I was disappointed as this was my first time to see the cherry blossoms. That’s okay there is always next year.

dogs, chihuahas, dog costumes, dogs dressed like humans, high park, torontoOf course there were other things at the park to amuse us. How cute is this tiny little couple?

canadian geese, goose, family, baby goose, geeselings, spring, high park, toronto, canada, ontario, nature, outdoorsOr this adorable family of Canadian geese.….

swan, lake, park, high park, toronto, canada, ontario, spring, bird, pretty, white swanOr this majestic swan up close and personal….

high park, old wise man, face in tree, tree carving, cool finds, toronto, canada, ontario, springOr this wise old man in a tree.

cherry blossoms, bloomed, up close,high park, toronto, canada, ontario, spring, may Some of the trees were fully bloomed so it wasn’t that big of a waste.

high park, lake, river, toronto, ontario. canada, springIn the end it was still a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the nice stroll in the park with each other.

Outfit Details

Top: Aerie

Pants: Citizens of Humanity

Jacket: inherited from mom

Shoes: Keds (similar here)

Purse: Aldo

Accessories: Watch – Michael Kors

  • Ryli Ma

    Ya, this year was very disappointing in terms of cherry blossoms at High Park. Probably due to the crazy cold winter we had but fingers crossed for next year!

    Ryli 🙂

    • I hope so too. I’m also hoping that this summer will be wicked to make up for the insufferable winter we all had to endure 🙁