A Day at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

rom, royal ontario museum, toronto, history, chinese, dinosaurs, tourist, things to do, what to seeIt’s been years since I went to the ROM. I used to go every year in high school for Latin class (yes I took Latin for three years of high school). I loved everything to do with ancient civilizations, world history, archaeology and anthropology. I still love it!

chinese, gate, red, rom, royal ontario museum, exhibit, torontoThe main reason for our trip to the ROM was to visit The Forbidden City exhibit. Unfortunately there were no cameras allowed in. I highly recommend going to see The Forbidden City exhibit. It was super informative and so intriguing to see how the emperor and his family lived behind those secretive walls. I didn’t know this but you can actually go into the real Forbidden City now as it is open to the public and has been turned into a museum. Hopefully one day I can go.

rom, toronto, royal ontario museum, ontario, chinese, what to do, what to see, touristThe first floor of the ROM holds the Chinese and Korean exhibits. We decided to begin our visit here. As a Buddhist I found this particular area very fascinating.

rbf, museum, rom, royal ontario museumJudging by this face you probably think I am lying about enjoying the musuem. I have what they call RBF – Resting Bitch Face. I have lived with this my whole life. No there is nothing wrong. No I am not upset. This is just what my face looks like when it’s resting. I just learnt about this term and I love it! Shout out if you feeling me?

rom, museum, royal ontario museum, chinese, exhibit, toronto, ontario, day trip, tourist, what to do, what to seeSee? Happy!

mural, chinese, museum, royal ontario museum, rom, toronto, ontario, tourist, day trip, what to seebottle cap, mural, tapestry, artist, El Anatsui, exhibit, art, rom, royal ontario museum, toronto, ontario, tourist, what to see, points of interest

We stumbled across this tapestry that is made out of all bottle caps. The artist El Anatsui created this artwork which is called Straying Continents.
bottle cap, tapestry, mural, wall, rom, royal ontario museum, artist, art, El Anatsui“It is an iconic addition to the ROM’s collections, one that powerfully conveys Africa in a poetic and contemporary way,” said ROM director Janet Carding. 

Quote credit to: Rabble.ca
dinosaur, rom, royal ontario museum, toronto, ontario, main hall, crystal, entrance, frontAfter the Chinese and Korean exhibits and The Forbidden City we had to make the tough decision between visiting the dinosaurs or the ancient civilizations collections. We were running out of time and I gave the decision to Ken. He had never been to the ROM so it only made sense.t rex, tyrannosaur, dinosaur, bones, fossil, skeleton, exhibit, rom, royal ontario museum, toronto, ontario, what to seeOf course Ken chose dinosaurs.

tinysaursjuvenile We were a little too amused by this baby sauropod. girlWe saw some of the cutest little photographers EVER!

turtle, ancient, dinosaurs, rom, royal ontario museum, prehistoric, jurassic, toronto, day trip, tourist, what to see, what is thereHere’s a prehistoric giant turtle for you.

rom, royal ontario museum, toronto, tourist, dinosaurs, prehistoric, jurassic, eraWe didn’t get to go through all of the  dinosaur section as we had to go meet up with some friends. There’s so much more to see at the ROM and you can get lost in there for hours. One day we will have to return to see the rest.


  • Ryli Ma

    Cool! I love going to museums and art galleries too. The last time I was at the ROM was about two years ago.

    Ryli 🙂

  • james

    ahh, i most definitely need to visit this!

  • Love this post! i would definitely like to visit it one day.
    I just adore museums, isn’t it funny that in a years time our normal products might end up there as well?
    And you are so right, this little photographer was the cutest little thing 🙂

    • It’s so true. This world is so much bigger than any of us. We are only a little blip in history.