Embrace Minimalism

embrace a minimalist lifestyle and enjoy true freedom

As I go down this financial makeover I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am going to have to really pare down around here. I’ve spent the last month refraining from any unnecessary shopping and spending because I’ve been on maternity leave which has forced me to live on 60% of my income. Having done this I know it’s doable. I can continue to do this even though I am back to work now. Take a look around your home and ask yourself “Do I really need all this stuff? What does all this stuff mean to me? What does it do for me?”. The answers may surprise you.

What is Minimalism?

For the sake of this post, I want to make it clear that I am not talking about minimalism in the sense of the avant-garde movement or art form. No, I’m talking about a lifestyle in where you choose to live a life with less emphasis on possessing material things. You may even choose to not own a car, a house, a tv or a computer. Owning so many material things can equate to being weighed down. By removing these items in your life, or minimizing what you have you can have a greater sense of freedom. Without all this stuff weighing you down, you’re free to do whatever you want and when you want to.


1.Easier to clean

The less stuff you have, the more space you suddenly have and the easier to clean! Minimalism goes hand in hand with purity and cleanliness.

2. Get a better idea of what you actually Need

When you have fewer things you can actually know off the top of your head what you hold in your inventory and what is missing. This makes it easier to say no to any shopping impulses you may have, or re-affirm purchases that you make. If you buy something, it means you truly need it, so there’s less guilt!

3. Pack up and go

At some point in life everybody experiences having to move. It seems like the more times you move the more of a hassle it is because as we go through life we seem to accumulate more and more stuff! By practicing a minimalist lifestyle, you live within your means and minimize the amount of material items you own. This makes it easier to just pack up and go if you want to.

Where do I Start?


Obvi, in order to truly embrace minimalism you need to get rid of your stuff! If you want to get way extreme then you’ll want to purge until you have less than 100 things. If that’s too extreme, then I suggest going through your home, one room at a time, and start really looking at what you have. Separate your stuff into categories and go through each item, one at a time, and ask yourself, “Do I use this?” , “When was the last time I used this?” , “Do I use this item often?”.

2. Figure out your values

What’s important to you? What really makes you happy? Figure out your intrinsic values. Is it security, whether it’s financial security or physical safety? Being healthy and active? Or maybe it’s your relationships, such as the ones you have with your family and friends?

3. Does this item match my values?

Once you’ve figured out what you truly value in life, go through your items and ask yourself, “Does this item match my values?”. Does this item bring any value to my life? If it doesn’t, then chances are it was just an item you wanted at a point in your life, maybe you felt like you truly needed it, but you really don’t. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking things make us happy. Time to clear the clutter!

Intrigued? If you want to learn more about minimalism and if it’s something you want to practice in your own life and home, then I suggest you visit this site below. Lots of interesting articles and candid stories from actual people living the minimalist life.

What Is Minimalism?