Fall in Love with Autumn

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Fall is my favourite season. The falling leaves give beauty to the landscape, the crisp air is refreshing after the hot summer and not to mention all the fun fall activities. Every year I try to make a point to embark on a few fall traditions to really get the most of the beautiful season.

1) Take a Hike

crawford lake, ontario, fall, autumn, canada, things to do, hikingWhat better way to enjoy the beauty of fall then to go for a hike and bask in the glory of nature. You don’t have to go for a hard core hike (unless you really want to), but a simple stroll in a nearby forest or national park.

crawford lake, ontario, canada, trails, hiking, fall, autumnLocal Suggestions:

Crawford Lake  Milton, ON (in pictures above, click here to read about our time there last year)

Sherman Falls Ancanster, ON

– local trails in your area

2) Go for Afternoon High Tea

high tea, afternoon, tea, langdon, hall, ontario, cambridgeHigh tea is one of those activities you have to try at least once, if not for the Instagram photos and to say you did. The best time of the year for me to go is during the Fall. Nothing hits the spot more than a warm cup of tea, warm scones, tiny sandwiches and mini desserts.
langdon hall, afternoon, tea, high tea, fall, autumn, sunday, ontario, cambridge

On a particularly beautiful Sunday afternoon in September, we ventured to Langdon Hall in Cambridge, ON for afternoon tea for a friend’s birthday. This is my third time for tea at Langdon Hall. This beautifully historic country house is also a hotel, restaurant and spa.

Local Suggestions (based on my own personal visits):

Langdon Hall Cambridge, ON

DEQ Terrace & Lounge @ The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, ON

3) Explore Local Food

street car, food tour, toronto, feel good guru, vegan, food, taste test, sample, healthy, organic, fall, autumn, things to doI love food! Who doesn’t? I also love to discover new spots and try out different types of food in the area. Fall is a perfect time to go out and explore your area and try new restaurants and boutiques. The weather is not too hot and not too cold.
street car, 501, food tour, banh mi boys, fall, autumn, october, taste, sample, foodies, foodies on foot, toronto

We went on a 501 street car food tour with Foodies on Foot in Toronto. The tour brought us from the west end of Queen Street all the way to the east end, making stops along the way at five different food stops. We got a daily pass for the TTC, got to sample some yummy treats at various restaurants and also got to learn about the different neighbourhoods of Toronto along the way.

Local Suggestions:

501 Streetcar Food Tour via Foodies on Foot Toronto, ON

Biking Wine Tour via Zoom Leisure Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

4) Go to an Apple Orchard

apple, orchard, picking, fall, autumn, activity, activities, ontario, things to do, what to do, fun, sunday

Every year my family and I spend a day visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches. This year we only had time to visit an apple orchard. Some years it’s a hit or miss. Last time we went all the apples had fallen on the ground and it was a big miss. This year was a massive hit!apple orchard, harvest, fall, autumn, apple picking, ontario, farm, fall, autumn, activity, activities, fun, things to do, what to do, ontarioWhat are the advantages of apple picking versus just buying them in the grocery store? First off, they’re fresh! Nothing beats being able to pick an apple straight from the tree, wipe it off on your shirt and sink your teeth into it. Yummy! If you go to a good apple orchard, you’ll get the chance to try a variety of apples and pick out the ones you like. Second best thing? They’re cheap! We packed up two full bags of apples for less than $7. We had gone apple picking the day before our trip to Cuba, so our apples had to sit in the fridge untouched for a whole week. I was worried they wouldn’t be as good when we got back, but they were just as yummy and crispy as the day we picked them.

Local Suggestions:

Orchard Home Farm St.George, ON (apples and pears, pictured above)

Frootogo Orchards Waterdown, ON (apples and pumpkins)


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