Buying Chanel for the First time – Part One Determination


Remember this post? I said I would write a post about my first Chanel and here it is. I’ve never owned a high end designer purse. I’ve had my Coach’s and my Michael Kors, but that’s as crazy as its gotten. I wanted my first designer bag to be something special, something I would always cherish, something classic. Nothing is more classic than Chanel.


Step One : Determine if you can afford it

I have a theory on expensive big ticket items. Don’t go broke chasing the materialistic dream. In short, if you have to choose between paying your rent and buying a new bag….pay your rent! Get your priorities straight. So before I purchased my first designer bag I had to ensure three things were in place:

1) I was in a good financial standing

* Rent paid – CHECK!

2) I had accomplished something that warranted a reward

* Graduated college FINALLY! – CHECK!

3) I had the funds

* Start saving well in advance. Like anything else: set a goal end date, figure out how much you’ll need, figure out how much you’ll have to save every paycheque( weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and start putting that cash in a jar or account.

Step Two: Research, Research, Research!

When you’re spending a lot of cash you want to make sure you are getting the best of the best. Do your research! Find out exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It might turn out after doing some research, you’ll find out what you originally wanted may not be what you want anymore. Here are a few great resources I found to be extremely helpful:

Purseforum – Great discussion board to get lost in. Friendly and helpful community, easy to navigate and chock full of information.

Extra – Jean writes a general four part series on Chanel. She does a review on the Petite Shopping Tote, Wallet on Chain, the Classic Flap bag, buying pre-owned vs. new and jewellery.

Youtube and Google – Obviously! Just type in the bag you’re interested in and start randomly clicking on things. You’ll learn a lot.

Make sure you’ve done enough research to satisfy the choice you end up making. I started researching when I started my very last class. That gave me four months to decide on what I wanted to purchase before I completed my final class and received my diploma. This doesn’t mean you have to know exactly what you want. Just get a general idea and some options.

Now that you’ve determined you can afford your Chanel and which one or ones you would like, you’re ready for the next step:

Part Two – Test Drive

– Deciding where/how you would like to purchase your bag


– Going into the stores to “test drive” your options!

Click here for Part Two