Challenge #1 – Clean and Organize your Entryway/Foyer

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The thought of doing a major overhaul of my life is a daunting thought. I figure the best place to start is to organize my home. Okay, that’s a huge task in itself, let’s break it down even more. So I started at our entryway/foyer, the first place you see when you enter our home. By only concentrating on organizing one area at a time, the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming and I actually was getting stuff done. Here’s how it went down

1.Establish three categories of Keep, Donate and Toss Piles

Every item can be categorized into one of the following three categories: Keep it, Donate it, Toss it. Establishing these three categories first makes it easy to clear out the clutter. My golden rule is if it takes me longer than 60 seconds to decide if I want to keep it, it’s outta here! I know that not everybody can part with their items that easily (*cough* my husband *cough*), so maybe you can ask yourself the question “Have I worn or used this item in the past two years?”. If the item is still in decent condition, donate it, if it’s not, toss it!

2.Organize in categories: Shoes, coats and miscellaneous clothing Items

clean, organize, front, foyer, entryway, closet, de-clutter, clutter

Does looking at this giant mess make you hyperventilate? Are you wondering if I have two twin cats? I don’t. My front closet is of the sliding variety and when fully closed it is a big mirror. Had to get creative with the pictures and Loki could not resist exploring the seldom open closet. Anyways, back to the closet. Where do we start? Pick a category:

shoes, coats, miscellaneous clothes?

I started with working through our shoes, then coats, then the miscellaneous stuff.

clean, organize, closet, entryway, front, foyer, de-clutter

Voila! Doesn’t that look much better? I also switched out all our seasonal stuff. We stored away all our winter gear and only kept the items we would need for Spring/Summer.

3.Work on one area at a time: Bench, closet, Dresser

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Along with working through the categories of all the stuff, you can break it down even further and concentrate one area at a time. Yes, we can compartmentalize even more! My entryway can be broken down into three main areas:

the bench, the dresser and the closet

As you can see above, our bench had become a placeholder for all our bags and shoes. I knew I needed a place to put our bags somewhere nice and my favourite philosophy is “Conceal, don’t feel”, a line borrowed from my son’s favourite movie “Frozen”. So after I had purged all our shoes our Ikea shoe dresser was not empty. I decided to re-purpose it from a shoe dresser, to a bag dresser. It works!

front, catch all, keys, entryway, shoe rack, ikea, repurposed, chinese cat, drawers

I cleared the top of the dresser to only house our key tray and our lucky cat. I didn’t realize I had left my camera lens on the top there. Forgive me, I am a blogger amateur over here! The top drawer just needed a quick purge as it had started collecting a lot of garbage: receipts, expired gum and actual garbage! This drawer is now exclusively for all our gloves and hats.

closet, shelves, hangers, top shelf, jackets, clean, organize, de-clutter, change, challenge, home, house

The closet was a hot mess and once I had cleared it out I thought it would be nice to switch out all the hangers to wooden hangers. To be honest, I have a surplus of wooden hangers hanging out in my master closet. We will get there when we get there! The only non-wooden hangers are Lincoln’s hangers, his are plastic. The coats are separated with Ken’s, Lincoln’s then mine with some spare hangers for guests. Now guests can hang their coats in the closet instead of finding a spare chair to throw them on only to have Loki rub his fur allover it.

4.Sweep,  mop and Windex

Now that everything is cleared out and organized the way you want, NOW is the time to start doing some cleaning. Sweep and mop the floor. Windex the windows and glass. Clear the cobwebs. Dust the lucky cat.

5.Take inventory and figure out what you would like to add the Space

clean,organize, challenge, home, house, foyer, front, entryway, after, de-clutter

Yay! Everything is looking neat and tidy and everything is in its place. You’ve purged, you’ve merged and now it’s time to upgrade. You can get a much clearer picture of exactly what you want this space to look like and what function you want it to serve. I know that I need the following items:

  • get hooks and shelf
  • get shoe trays for under bench

I’ll take my time finding these items. I keep these items in the back of my mind and if I see something I like for a good price I’ll buy it. I also know for sure I want to make this area over. My house is way too brown! This is how we bought it, so we for sure what to change that up. In due time, my friends.

I implore you to go through a purge and start organizing your home as well. Join me on the journey towards a minimalist life. 

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