Travels to Orlando : Universal Studios

universal studios, orlando, island of adventure, poseidon fury, travel, review, guide, what to doWelcome to the very final post of our family trip to Orlando. Our last stop was to the second half of Universal Orlando – Universal Studios. Here we got to see a real life Transformer, the Delorian from Back to the Future and visit The Simpsons at Springfield.

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universal, orlando, globe, sign, spinning, theme park, amusement, what to do, adults

Absolute must when going to Universal Studios….take a picture in front of the Universal spinning globe.

megatron, transformers, deceptacon, characters, real life, costume, universal, orlando, theme parks, what to do, what to see, adults, tripWe got to see a live action Megatron. Ken particularly loved this as he grew up a die hard Transformers fan. This was so life like it was insane! His movements were so fluid and he even spoke, throwing random insults to us feeble human beings. There was a line up to take pictures with him, of course, so we passed and kept walking.

delorian, back to the future, universal, orlando, studios, theme park, amusement, what to see, what to do, must see, adultsThis was a little easter egg surprise. Right before you enter Springfield, don’t forget to look to your right as you might miss the Delorian from Back to the Future!

springfield, the simpsons, universal, orlando, studiosFinally we’ve made it to Springfield, USA home to The Simpsons! This was our last stop of the trip. Since we got caught in the rain for so long we lost a lot of time at Universal. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time in the Universal Studios portion of Universal Orlando. We skipped ALOT and bee lined our way to the main attraction (in our eyes), which is Springfield.

krusty burger, springfield, the simpsons, universal, orlando, studiosmoes, tavern, the simpsons, springfield, univeral, orlando, studios, real lifeWe got to Springfield during the last hour the park was open. We didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have wanted here. We took the pictures we wanted and went straight for The Simpsons 3D ride. Might I be so bold to say it was the best ride of the entire trip? If you ever go to Universal, definitely go on this ride. It was so much fun! I was screaming and laughing the entire time.

milhouse, characters, the simpsons, springfield, universal, orlando, studiosMe and Milhouse got a special bond going on you see. When I was a wee little one I wore thick round glasses. The kids in my neighbourhood used to call me Milhouse. When I saw Milhouse I got super excited and yelled “Oh my god! I want a picture with Milhouse! Milhouse is me!“. I shoved Ken and my sisters out of my way to take this photo. I have no shame.

the simpsons, springfield, universal, orlandoduff, beer, brewery, the simpsons, springfield, universal, orlando, studiosduffman, duff, beer, brewery, springfield, the simpsons, universal, orlando, studiosDuffman is my second most favourite Simpsons character. Was that sentence even grammatically correct?

pink donut, springfield, lardlad, donuts, the simpsons, universal, orlandoSince we didn’t have enough time at Springfield we didn’t get to eat or drink all the things we wanted to try: ie. a Krusty burger and a Duff beer. We did manage to grab a giant pink donut. I forget how much it costs (bad blogger) but I remember it being somewhat a decent price ( I wanna say $5-$7). It was surprisingly very good! It tasted borderline Krispy Kreme without all the sugary regret afterwards.

optimus prime, transformers, universal, orlando, 3d ride, what to doOn our way out of the park, some of us wanted to go on one last ride. I was not one of those. While most of our party went on the Transformers 3D ride, I waited outside on a fake NYC stoop. From what I hear this ride was not as good as it could have been

mardi gras, orlando, universal, celebration, parade, universal studios, end of nightThe night ended with a Mardi Gras parade that lit up the streets of Universal Studios.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my family trip to Orlando, FL. I had the time of my life and was so happy to spend it with my family. If you ever get the chance, take a family trip to Orlando when you’re all adults. It’s the best feeling in the world. Until next time!