Top Ten “Need to Knows” about Clothes/Shopping after you Give Birth

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Now that you’re not pregnant anymore you probably thought you would be free to shop and wear regular clothes again. WRONG!

  1. You’ll laugh at your former pre-mommy self that foolishly thought you would be one of those “cute and stylish” new moms that everybody marveled at and asked in awe “Your baby is only ___ weeks? You don’t even look like you gave birth?”.
  2. Shopping is not going to be fun. You are shopping for a new body and lifestyle; prepare to be depressed in the first few trips before you get the hang of the change.
  3. If you’re nursing, you will now be shopping with the constant thought “Can I easily pull my boob out of that to feed?”
  4. Also if you’re nursing you’ll be thinking “Will this top show if I leak?”
  5. Don’t throw those maternity clothes away just yet. You’ll still be living in those for a few more months
  6. Stock up on some granny panties. If you have a C-section you’ll want to wear underwear that won’t have the elastic digging into your incision. OUCH!  Even if you didn’t you’ll want the extra support that granny panties provide once you’re preggo belly deflates.
  7. Leggings, joggers, long and over sized tops will be your best friends.
  8. Stock up on nursing tanks and nursing bras. The comfy kind not the under wired, cupped ones. You’ll be living in these 24/7, trust me you’ll want to be comfortable and be able to easily access those bad boys.
  9. Figuring out what to wear is a piece of cake when your at home with the baby but when it comes to going out anywhere it’s a major dilemma.
  10. Just remember during your daily struggle of what to wear that this will all pass. Don’t feel the rush to lose all that baby weight but instead embrace and appreciate this new you. You just created life and that’s a beautiful thing in itself. Love your new curves and war wounds; stretchmarks, scars and all.