How to Relax : DIY Bath Salts

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What would you do if you had a spare hour to yourself? An hour to just relax and not have to think about anything at all? I don’t know about you but I would most def be treating myself to a relaxing DIY bath. Let me show you how I do it. It’s real simple and anybody can (with a bathtub) can enjoy.

DIY Bath Salts for a Relaxing Bath


1 cup of epsom salts

1/2 cup of baking soda

4 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of tea tree essential oil

1 tbsp of bubble bath (optional)


– measuring cups

– mixing bowl

– metal spoon (for mixing)

– hair wrap (to tie hair out of the way)

– scented candles (for relaxation)

– a mask of your choice

– something fun to watch or relaxing to listen to
bath, ingredients, relax, how to, recipe, epsom salt, baking soda, spa, at home, diy Step 1: Measure out 1 cup of epsom salts and 1/2 cup of baking soda.

* Baking soda helps to detoxify and alkalize the skin. This especially good for soothing irritated and itchy skin and relieving any pain or discomfort you may have in the bum area.

* Epsom salts help relieve pain and stress by relaxing the body and muscles, as well as helps eliminate toxins.

pouring salt, epsom salts, bath, relaxing, how to, recipe, ingredients, diy, at home, spa, do it yourselfStep 2: Pour them into a mixing bowl

essential oils, bath, at home, spa, diy, do it yourself, recipe, how to, relax, restStep 3: Add your essential oils. Be careful when you’re purchasing your essential oils and make sure you are getting the proper grades and using the proper measurement accordingly. If you are using a spa grade oil, use less drops as the oil is very potent and you don’t want to end up using too much where it will become too strong. Most essential oils will be like this so just keep that in mind and always ask questions when purchasing at a health or holistic store.

* Lavender oil is very calming and can you relax.

* Tea Tree oil has healing and soothing properties as well as being an anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and is great for clearing the sinuses.

mixingingredientsStep 4: Use a metal spoon to mix the ingredients together. Don’t use a wooden spoon as it will absorb all the essential oils. You need them!

watertimeStep 5: Start filling up that tub with warm water.

pouringingredientsStep 6: Pour those ingredients into the water while it’s running.

mixingStep 7: Mix those ingredients up in the bath. Make sure all the salt and baking soda has dissolved.

bubblesStep 8: If you want to add bubbles to your bath (which I love to do). Add one tablespoon to the bath now. I like to add in with the running water so the bubbles are activating as they pour down.

warmmaskStep 9: I like to throw my sheet mask into the bath water to warm it up. If you’ve ever used a sheet mask before, you’ll know how cold they are when you put them on. relaxingbathStep 10: Light up a candle, turn on your favourite show, pull your hair back and throw that sheet mask on. You’re ready to relax and enjoy!

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend! Do you have any plans? If so I’d love to hear about them. If not, why don’t you try on this DIY bath at home?