A Shopping Review: Aritzia

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I made my first online purchase on aritzia.ca. I have been a regular customer at Aritzia in store for over a decade. I have watched them grow from a small obscure store at Yorkdale in Toronto (not sure where their first store was, but that was the first store I discovered), to this amazingly popular brand that has crossed borders. I made my purchase during their big Spring sale so all the items I purchased were on sale. I also combined my order with my sister so I could take advantage of the free shipping after $150. I am only going to include the items that I purchased for myself in this review.

Ordering & Shipping

aritzia, shopping, online, shipping, packaging, handling, canada, website, reviewOrdering

The website is:

  • pretty straightforward
  • easy to navigate
  • not too many steps
  • Login format

I placed my order on a Saturday and received an order confirmation email immediately after hitting the Submit button. I was given an order # which I could use on the Aritzia website to keep track of the status of my order.


After you spend $150, shipping is free. Below that shipping (in Canada) is $8.00. Since I had placed my order on a Saturday, my order was shipped out to me on the following Monday. I received a shipping confirmation email along with a tracking # on the Monday. So I would say it took one business day for my order to be shipped.

I received my package on that Friday, so it took about four business days.

Pro: efficient service. It took less than a week for my entire shopping experience from the intial ordering online to the final delivery at my doorstep. That’s pretty fast considering this was all done with standard shipping, no extra fees or add ons.

Con: unimpressive delivery. The day my package was delivered I was home all day. I did not hear the doorbell ring once nor even a knock. It wasn’t until my husband came home that he brought the package inside. The package had been left on my doorstep. I would expect at least a ring of the bell before a package was simply just left on my porch.

Presentation & Packaging 

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  • Beautiful packaging
  • Good quality box, sturdy inside purple colour
  • Box in good condition not beat up
  • Clothing separated into two plastic bags, one with pants one with shirts
  • Wrapped with thick quality paper and sealed with a sticker
  • Invoice printed on a brochure style

The Haul

aritzia, community, brand, pants, cebu, olive, green, joggers, casual, cargo, soft, laidback, style, review, haulCommunity Cebu Pants in Surplus                             Reg $75 Sale $45

  • super comfy
  • comfortable stretchy waistband and hem
  • 100% cotton, looks sheer but as you can see in the pictures it is not sheer


  • I’ve worn these a handful of times now and a hole has already developed in the crotch area! Not impressed.

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aritzia, tna, pomona, casual, soft, grey, shirt, tee, t shirt, cotton, casual, laid back, v neck, review, haul, clothing, shopping, canada, online, websiteTNA Pomona T-Shirt in Heather Black                         Reg $35 Sale $19.99

  • super comfy
  • v-neck is not too low
  • thick yet breathable material
  • very easy to style

aritzia, wilfred, t shirt, cournot, milk, white, casual, review, haul, clothing, shopping, online, website, canadaWilfred Cournot T-Shirt in Milk                             Reg $55 Sale $24.99

  • very comfy and soft
  • back is longer and covers the bum

Cons                 I ended up returning this item

  • too sheer, the material clings to the body so you can see every bump and lump
  • sleeves were too long

wilfred, anvers, t shirt, aritzia, backless, long, comfy, soft, grey, review, haul, online, shopping, canada, websiteWilfred Anvers T-shirt in Black Tokai                            Reg $45

Purchased in store after returned items, not on sale

  • loose fit
  • soft cotton
  • back slit is not too high and able to wear a regular bra with this
  • very good quality

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wilfred free, tyra, skirt, aritzia, review, haul, shopping, online, website,  jersey, knit, heather whiteWilfred Free Tyra skirt in Heather White                          Reg $50

I purchased this in store not on sale after I returned some items

  • very stretchy jersey knit
  • comfy, stretchy waistband
  • makes your bum look super nice!
  • very flattering on curves


I decided to return the Wilfred Cournot shirt and my sister also had an item she wanted to return as well.

  • You have the option of returning the item either via mail or in store. If you have a store nearby I suggest returning it in store. Less hassle and you’ll save yourself the shipping fees.
  • If you don’t have a store nearby, you can book a return appointment in your account. There are simple instructions on the back of the invoice.
    • There is a shipping fee incurred for returns of $8.I think this is ridiculous as one of Aritzia’s slogans is “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”. With a slogan like that you should be able to return an item free of charge. However, since I returned my items in store I am not 100% sure if this fee is actually incurred or not. If anybody has and knows please leave a comment below confirming if this is true or not.
  • When you return an item that was on sale you are given a store credit. If it is done in store you receive a gift card. If it is done online it is added as a credit to your account.

The return was done very easily with no questions asked. I was afraid I would get charged the initial shipping fee because I was returning items that would bring my total down below the $150 mark. But I was not charged. This may be because I ended up purchasing other items in store that ended up being more money than the returned items.

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