A Shopping Review: ASOS

asos, haul, online shopping, review, canadaI just had to choose this picture as my title picture because it’s so hilarious. Like what the hell was I doing? Measuring the box with my hands as I was about to sneeze? Right!

I’m not a big online shopper. I am however a huge online window shopper. I like to browse through websites, create an imaginary shopping basket of items I like and admire all the pretty clothes I can’t afford or will never own. The only times I ever actually follow through on these “dream” baskets, is when I am desperate. Desperate times may include events, parties/weddings or vacations. This time it was a vacation.

The Haul

Here’s a quick rundown of what I got:

asos, black swing dress, online shopping, canada, review

Swing Petite Dress in Acid Wash  now C$23.44

This dress is perfect for the beach. It’s light and airy and very flattering. Pair with gladiator sandals like I did here, or edge it up for the city with a pair of booties.

asos, crop top, online shopping, canada, reviews

Crop Top with Cut Out Detail  now C$18.76

I decided to make a foray into the crop top world. This top has a cute cut outs on the side but I found this difficult to show off with a bra underneath. If you don’t feel like struggling with cups (like me), wearing a matching black bra should suffice. If you’re feeling a little modest, try pairing a crop top with a high waisted skirt or high waisted shorts. That way you’re not feeling too exposed.


Vest with Extreme Drop Arm Hole now $11.25

When I first opened this, Ken was confused as to what kind of top this was. It looks funny laid out, but looks great on. This top was perfect for the beach, just to throw on on top of a bikini. Switch a bikini top with a bandeau top to wear out and about.

asos, cropped utility jacket

 Cropped Utility Jacket now $25.32

This is another “ugly-lying there/pretty-on my body” item. I was unsure about this at first and had put it in the return pile, but then had second thoughts. I’m glad I kept this piece. It’s very thin, so I wouldn’t consider this a fall jacket per say. But it’s great for layering. Pair it with a thin sweater, skinnies and booties/boots and it’s perfecto! It’s nice because you have the option to roll up the sleeves and button it or keep the sleeves full length.

tanger outlets, outlets, myrtle beach, shopping in the states

T-Shirt with V-Neck now $18.76

I have a confession to make. I don’t own any plain white tee’s. Which is crazy because a plain white tee is just a staple in any closet, isn’t it? I find it difficult to purchase basic staples. I just don’t find it exciting and I have high expectations for my staples as they are items we wear on a regular basis. This tee is the perfect length, feels soft, not too sheer, not too thick and has the perfect V (not too high, not too low). See I told you; high expectations and lots to think about.

asos, plaited bikini, shopping review, canadaPlait Detail Longline Bikini Top and Bottom

Whenever I go on vacation to a hot destination I take it upon myself to purchase one new bikini. I don’t go to sunny places that often so this is not a big expenditure. This bikini is probably my favourite purchase in the entire haul. The padding on the bikini top ensures that this top will not deform over time even after multiple washes. I’ve washed it three times since and it’s still intact. The braiding detail is super cute as well. I tend to purchase the same shapes when looking for bikinis. I like the option of wearing it strapless (to avoid tan lines) or adding a string to tie it up halter style (when I need a little more support).

asos, ruffle bikini, shopping review, canada

Broderie Anglaise Ruffle Back Bikini Bottom

I love the look of a white bikini, however they are difficult to keep clean. I already have a white bikini and the bottom has developed some stains (most likely from sitting around in the sand). So I purchase this bikini bottom to substitute. I love the cute little ruffle detail in the back.

River Island Tennessee Balconette Bikini Top and Bottom

Okay, this time I decided to purchase a second bikini set. This definitely looked way hotter on the model on the site than it did on person. The straps didn’t sit nicely, they were allover the place. The bottom fit way too large and looked like granny panties (no offense to granny panties). I had to return these. I also took a really crappy photo of this, so I decided to leave it out of the post.

Upon Delivery

Be forewarned, if you are ordering off of Asos from Canada get ready to pay some major customs charges.

My sub total bill came to $224.70

Delivery charges came to $15.00

Total upon sending came to $239.69

Total customs charge upon delivery came to $84.61

I almost had a heart attack when the delivery man told me the customs charges. On the outside I was all like “Okay that’s cool. Here’s my credit card”, but on the inside I was all like ” Holy F–k! Never ordering from Asos ever again”. Which is funny because I totally went through the same motions the last time I ordered off of Asos. I know I know. This is not Asos’s fault at all, it’s customs what are you going to do. But seriously that is just ridiculous.

At this point I had spent a whopping total of $324.30

The Return

Oh and it doesn’t end there. Remember earlier I had mentioned I wanted to return something?

So I go to the post office to return the bikini and that cost me an additional $12. This cost includes the shipping from Canada to the UK plus I had to buy an envelope to put the bikini in. I shipped through Canada Post. On the site it says to wait up to 4-6 weeks for your return to show up back in your account. So I waited and waited. Finally after 6 weeks of no payment I went to check my account.

This was the annoying part. In the package they include a return form with instructions on how to return your product. Pretty simple, fill out a form indicating which item you are returning and include it in your package. I did all that and after waiting over 6 weeks with no payment I sent a query to ASOS in regards to my return. I was emailed back the next day with an apology for the inconvenience and a notification that I would be receiving my money shortly. The money was back in my account that same day.

I was happy that they attended to my issue so quickly. Word to the wise, if you are planning to return anything back to ASOS visit the site and log in in to your account. There is an option to “Book a Collection”. Through the site you can arrange for someone to pick up your return and send it back to ASOS. I haven’t tried this route yet, so I can’t say if it is any better, but I would think this is the right way to do things.

 Overall Experience

I really enjoy browsing on the ASOS website. They’ve got really cute items and it seems everybody is raving about ASOS clothing all over the internet. Unfortunately it really sucks for us Canadians because of the customs which will end up costing you much more than you bargained for. Also I found the quality to be mediocre, nothing great but also not bad. All in all, although the clothing are super cute and tempting to purchase (as I can attest to the two separate occasions I have ordered without learning my lesson from before) it really is not worth it when calculating the amount you’ll end up paying.


*Please note all opinions expressed in this post are my formed from my own personal experience from shopping online. I am no expert in the matter nor do I claim to be. Just wanted to share my thoughts and experience with inquiring minds.*

  • bernice luu

    Hey, I’m in the same boat with you with the returns. I ordered about 5 items, and am looking to return about 3. I know you can ask for a refund with canada customs, but don’t know how it works when you do a partial return. Did you look into that option?

    • Souda

      Hi Bernice,

      I actually never thought to ask for my customs charge back for my returned item. I guess I was just concerned with the entire return process in general and overlooked this part. However having said that I did hear about Asos potentially covering customs charges prior to even ordering from a friend. When I inquired about this through the site I was told flat out No, they would not cover any customs charges. If I were you I would send them an inquiry prior to sending your return. They are pretty good with answering inquiries. Best of luck!

  • Zhansultan Chuakbayev


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