Swaddling – How to and Product Review

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I’ve started a new series on my Youtube channel called “Baby Basics”. I’ll be covering various topics of interest for the first year of our babies’ lives. The first video I filmed was about swaddling. I cover how to, what is it, when to and why do we swaddle. I also did a quick review on a few different swaddling products as well.

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping our babies up with blankets so they are tightly bundled. They end up looking like baby burritos.

Why do we swaddle?

Swaddling helps the baby feel safe and secure almost like when they were inside our womb. It also helps counteract the startle reflex newborns have. Newborns don’t have control of their reflexes and when they sleep they can startle themselves just by moving their arms and legs.

When should I swaddle?

The moment our babies are born they are swaddled up by the nurses at home. You can swaddle your baby from birth up until they are able to roll over which can happen anytime from 4-6 months. When they are able to roll over you want to give them the ability to use their arms when they’re sleeping so they don’t end up suffocating or hurting themselves. At that point you can continue to swaddle the bottom half of their body and leave their arms out.

How to swaddle

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Different Swaddling products to try

Aden and Anais Classic Swaddles

  • used in video and step by step picture above
  • my favourite swaddling blankets
  • 100% cotton muslin
  • very soft, large and versatile

Summer SwaddleMuslin Blankets

  • not pictured
  • very similar to Aden and Anais, nice dupe

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Halo Swaddle Sleepsack

  • My favourite swaddle sleep sack 
  • Fleece for colder weather, cotton for warmer weather
  • velcro  to swaddle, zip from top to bottom, away from baby’s face
  • Minimizes startle reflex, movement and ability for arms to come out easily (if your baby tries hard enough they can still come out)
  • Option of:
    • arms in
    • arms out

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Ergo Cocoon by: ErgoPouch

  • Organic stretch cotton
  • Two way zipper, fabric is used to cover the zipper
  • snap buttons from arm holes
  • Absolutely no way those arms are coming out
  • Gives baby freedom to move around within the confines of the pouch, however this does not help with startle reflex
  • Options:
    • arms in
    • arms out
    • feet in or out

summer, swaddle, swaddle me, infant, small, baby, sleep, night, wear, what to wear, product, reviewSummer SwaddleMe

  • Least favourite swaddle
  • Velcro used to swaddle baby, no zippers
  • back slit giving the ability to use this on a car seat
  • Very easy for baby to get free from
  • Options:
    • arms in
    • legs out