How to pack for an unexpected last minute Trip

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I recently had to take a last minute road trip to Ottawa for a family emergency. I got the call from work, rushed home and had to pack as quickly as possible for both myself and Link. Flustered as I was, I managed to pack everything I needed without forgetting too many items. Having to pack for a trip is cumbersome enough, but packing for an unexpected last minute trip with less than an hour to spare….that’s just crazy! I came up with a few tips that can help anyone pack for an impromptu trip.

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How to make your New Year’s Resolutions Stick – Finances

Make your new year's resolutions stick

Happy New Years everyone! Now that we are well into 2016 let’s revisit those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. You made them with good intentions to fully follow through and you jumped eagerly into making them happen. January is a good month for gyms and a bad month for retail stores as we attempt to recover from the excesses of the holidays. But what happens in February? After the thrill of “making a change”, some of us all too often slump back into old habits and abandon our resolutions. Some of us, but not you, right? With the help of a few easy tools and hacks, we are going to make 2016 the year we stick to our resolutions. Let’s start with our financial resolutions – because you know how fun those are.

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Fall in Love with Autumn

fall, activities, autumn, things to do, what to do, fun, must do, list, ontario, enjoy

Fall is my favourite season. The falling leaves give beauty to the landscape, the crisp air is refreshing after the hot summer and not to mention all the fun fall activities. Every year I try to make a point to embark on a few fall traditions to really get the most of the beautiful season.

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How to Pack a Carry On/Weekend Bag Efficiently


If you find yourself embarking on a short trip (say anything less than 4 days), your best bet is to pack a carry on for the following reasons:

1) You save so much time at the airport, not having to check in and pick up your luggage.

2) You can also save money as some airlines will charge you an extra fee to check in a bag.

3) Most importantly, less things to carry and less things to worry about!

Now that you understand the benefits of packing a carry on, now it’s time to learn how to pack one in an efficient and effective manner.

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How to Dress for Winter : Day Series

canada, winter, what to wear, how to dress, cold, layers, daytime, looks, outfits

I will be writing a two part series in where I discuss strategies in dressing appropriately for the winter weather without having to look like a sad sack of potatoes (no offense to sacks of potatoes). If you live in a similar climate as mine you’ll fully understand the trials and tribulations of varying temperatures and weather conditions on a daily basis. There’s a joke we like to recite around here and it goes: “ If you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and step outside again”. This alludes to the times when our weather can possibly go from a full blown snow storm to freezing rain to hail and then some warm sunshine all in one day.

This first post will concentrate on some day looks and I’ve broken them up into three categories starting from the mildest to coldest of cold.

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Buying Chanel for the First Time: Part Three – Loving

chanel, wallet on chain, chanel woc, woc, buying chanel for the first timeSo you’ve bought your first Chanel and now it’s time to bring her home. But before you rip that pretty little box open and start to wear your new beauty there’s a few things to keep in mind. I’m going to tell you a few things that I do to ensure my WOC lasts the tests of time and stays looking brand new.

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