Swaddling – How to and Product Review

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I’ve started a new series on my Youtube channel called “Baby Basics”. I’ll be covering various topics of interest for the first year of our babies’ lives. The first video I filmed was about swaddling. I cover how to, what is it, when to and why do we swaddle. I also did a quick review on a few different swaddling products as well.

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A Shopping Review: Aritzia

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I made my first online purchase on aritzia.ca. I have been a regular customer at Aritzia in store for over a decade. I have watched them grow from a small obscure store at Yorkdale in Toronto (not sure where their first store was, but that was the first store I discovered), to this amazingly popular brand that has crossed borders. I made my purchase during their big Spring sale so all the items I purchased were on sale. I also combined my order with my sister so I could take advantage of the free shipping after $150. I am only going to include the items that I purchased for myself in this review.

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A Shopping Review: ASOS

asos, haul, online shopping, review, canadaI just had to choose this picture as my title picture because it’s so hilarious. Like what the hell was I doing? Measuring the box with my hands as I was about to sneeze? Right!

I’m not a big online shopper. I am however a huge online window shopper. I like to browse through websites, create an imaginary shopping basket of items I like and admire all the pretty clothes I can’t afford or will never own. The only times I ever actually follow through on these “dream” baskets, is when I am desperate. Desperate times may include events, parties/weddings or vacations. This time it was a vacation.

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Buying Chanel for the First Time: Part Three – Loving

chanel, wallet on chain, chanel woc, woc, buying chanel for the first timeSo you’ve bought your first Chanel and now it’s time to bring her home. But before you rip that pretty little box open and start to wear your new beauty there’s a few things to keep in mind. I’m going to tell you a few things that I do to ensure my WOC lasts the tests of time and stays looking brand new.

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Buying Chanel for the First time – Part One Determination


Remember this post? I said I would write a post about my first Chanel and here it is. I’ve never owned a high end designer purse. I’ve had my Coach’s and my Michael Kors, but that’s as crazy as its gotten. I wanted my first designer bag to be something special, something I would always cherish, something classic. Nothing is more classic than Chanel.

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