Top 5 Podcasts Every Woman Should Listen to Now

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The following five podcasts all have something in common:

  • They’re uber informative
  • They get you asking important questions
  • They open your mind and change your view on the world
  • They’re empowering
  • They’re hilarious

1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

The Informative (I didn’t know that) Podcast

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This was one of the very first podcasts I started listening to when I discovered podcasts. Ever since I started listening to it I find I’ve completely changed my view of women in general. It’s safe to say this podcast makes me want to be a better woman.

Episodes to start off and get you going:

  • Single by Choice
  • Women and Weed
  • The Basics of Bitch

2. Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses

The Financial (Take control of your life) Podcast

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I recently discovered this podcast but I quickly fell in love with it after one listening. Now this podcast is directly targeting to only women however it addresses a very important topic that we should all keep in mind: personal finance. Jessica Moorhouse tackles the touchy issue with humor and makes it fun and easy to understand for anyone. Each episode Moorhouse interviews different people about their own financial journeys as well as exploring different ways to conquer your own personal finance. Also I love that she is Canadian!

Episodes to start off and get you going:

  • DIY Investing with Barry Choi from Money We Have
  • The Road to Financial Success with Preet Bannerjee
  • How to Start an Online Side Hustle with Sarah Peterson

3. Happier

The Inspiring (If it makes you Happy) Podcast

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I read “The Happiness Project” By: Gretchen Rubin a few years ago and it changed my life! Not saying I made any drastic changes or followed in her footsteps. BUT my perspective on daily life definitely changed. I was so happy to see that Gretchen started a podcast with her sister. The duo are so relate able and funny you’ll want to move to New York and become besties with them. Each episode discusses different topics that may either encourage or hinder our every day happiness.

Episodes to start off and get you going:

  • The Fantasy of Perfection
  • Procrastinating and Tomorrow Logic
  • My Precious!

4. Spawned

The Mom (We are people too) Podcast

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“If we’re not laughing as parents, we’d be crying. “

This is a fairly new podcast so there aren’t very many episodes so far but I predict this one will be around for a while. I love how this parenting podcast is unapologetic and is for the modern mom. Yes we are people too, we are not perfect, we swear, we poke fun at parenting norms and the ridiculousness of child rearing. The podcast is set up like two girlfriends talking over the phone about the latest hi jinx in their own parenting lives and how they can relate with each other.

Episodes to start off and get you going:

  • You are not a crappy parent
  • Should every kid get a trophy?
  • You let us watch death, Mom

5. The Bitch Bible

The Inappropriate (because let’s face it we all are a little…or alot) Podcast

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This one is a controversial one, but I mean no list is complete without a controversial addition. The name sold me immediately and it did not disappoint. Jackie Schimmel’s humor is dry, massively sarcastic, PC not friendly and maniacal. Just the way I like it. I like to listen to this when I’m cooking and the baby is sleeping. #mommytime

Episodes to start off and get you going:

  • #WIFEY
  • Crazy, Not Sexy, Cool
  • The Mo the Merrier

What podcasts do you listen to? If you don’t listen to podcasts then what the hell, get on it it’s free! I never turn anything free down. NEVER!

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