8 Things you Will See at Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium

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Hey guys! Don’t worry I’m still alive and kicking it. I know I’ve been MIA for the past two months, but I am back and you can all look forward to more posts from The Loki Life. The next few posts will be a bit of back tracking as I did go on a few adventures this summer that I would like to share with you all. This post is about the trip we took to the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium and all the cool things you can expect to see when you go. We took the in laws there for Father’s Day back in June.

1) Worth Your Bang for Your Buck, Lots to See!

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If you remember last year we went to Myrtle Beach and visited the Ripley’s Aquarium there. The Toronto aquarium is way BIGGER and BETTER! We started off our journey looking at fish that dwell in our Canadian Waters. Can you see the blue “hologram” of the great lakes on the window? It was actually a big map illuminated on the opposite wall that reflected onto the window. I thought it was a cool effect.

2) Panoramic Gallery Views of Underwater Sea Life

big window, what to see, what to do, what is there, toronto, ripley's, aquarium, fish, pretty, site seeing, things to doWhat I love most about the aquarium is how every window, every tank can tell its own story.

3) North America’s Longest Underwater Viewing Tunnel

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The most interesting part of the aquarium is the “Conveyor Belt of Wonders”. That’s not what it’s called but I like to think it is. Here you are taken around on a conveyor belt through a tunnel of tropical fishes, sharks etc swimming around.

4) Sharks Galore!

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There are so many different types of sharks to see at the aquarium. You can catch them during the “Conveyor Belt of Wonder”, but there is also an entire area dedicated to sharks!

5) Hilarious and Adorable Faces

funny face, sharks, underneath, what a shark's face looks like, entertaining, toronto, ripley's, aquarium, what to see, what to doYou also get to see a different side of the creatures. They’re not so scary when you realize how adorable they really are. cute face, sting ray, ocean, creatures, aquarium, ripleys, toronto, what to see, site seeing, things to do, adorableI mean look at that face!

6) The Most Adorable Feeding Session of Stingrays

feeding, sting rays, ocean, creatures, animals, aquarium, ripleys, toronto, fun, what to see, what to do, things to do, tourist, tourism, site seeingThis moment when this guy was feeding the stingrays….. I mean look at their faces. SO CUTE!!!! There are scheduled information sessions at this area so make sure you catch them. You won’t regret getting to see these happy little guys getting their nom nom on.

7) Interactive fun for the kids (and the big kid in all of us as well)

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The aquarium is definitely a great place to takes kids. There is an entire Discovery Area dedicated to entertaining and encouraging kids to be interactive and learn about water creatures in a fun way.

We were a group of three adults and two seniors and yet we found the aquarium to be quite entertaining.

Meanwhile, Ken found joy in climbing through tubes clearly marked “For Small Children Only”.

kids, discovery, what to see, things to do, what is there, ripleys, aquarium, torontoHe’s clearly loving this!

tuna, weight, human, how much, worth, pounds, toronto, ripley, aquarium, tourist, site seeing, what to do

I found joy in learning how much I would be worth in weight if I was a tuna. I always knew I was expensive haha.

7) Lightshows a la jellyfish

jelly fish, ripleys, aquarium, led, lights, toronto, what to see, what to do, things to do, things to see

The jelly fish have got to be the prettiest to look at. There is something so calming and serene about their movement. The aquarium uses LED lights to reflect off of the jelly fish so that they really pop. They don’t actually look this bright in nature.

8) More Stingrays at Stingray Bay!

touchingraysAt the end we go to get up close and personal with the adorable stingrays. If you simply put your hand out, the stingrays will come to you to be petted!tryingtotouchI wanted in on the action as well.shortarmsfailHowever my short arms failed me 🙁 Don’t worry there is a more shallow area for us shorties and small children to get the opportunity to pet the sting rays. Of course that area was just a little too crowded for me, hence why we are in this area instead.

There is also a stingray experience that you can opt to participate in. You get two hours of behind the scenes tour and in-water interaction with the stingrays. It comes at a hefty price of $150 for adults and $140 for children, but keep in mind it does include your admission into the aquarium which is already $29.99 per adult, a souvenir and photos of your experience.