Travels to Orlando, FL: Disney World – Epcot Centre

travel, orlando, guide, disney world, cinderella castle, walt disney, mickey mouseWelcome to Part Two of our family trip to Orlando, FL. After Animal Kingdom we headed over to Epcot Centre for dinner reservations and a walk around the world before finishing off with the Illuminations Lights and Fireworks Show.

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epcot, disney world, tickets, minnie mouse, mickey mouseWe took a bus over from Animal Kingdom to Epcot Centre. The landmark at Epcot is Spaceship Earth. To our surprise, this sphere is an actual ride. It’s a slow moving ride that takes you through the history of communication on Earth. I particularly enjoyed this ride because I am a Communications major. The ride has a neat surprise at the end, but I’m not going to spoil it. If there is little to no wait for this ride go on it. It’s a nice break from walking and it’s kind of nice to see what’s on the inside of this iconic sphere. epcot centre, world tour, lake, disney worldAfter the ride we went straight to the world portion of Epcot. The centre is a lake and surrounding it are mini versions of different countries. If you have enough time you can do a tour around the world checking out the different sites, drink the different drinks and snack on the different snacks. We didn’t have much time and we were hungry so we headed towards our dinner reservations. mexico, epcot centre, disney world, world tourUpon entering Epcot Centre if you turn to your left the first country you will come across is Mexico. mexico, giant, sombrero, big, disney world, epcot centre, world tourI couldn’t help but try this giant sombrero on while I was there. Looks good, don’t it? la hacienda, epcot centre, restaurant, mexico, mexican, food, dinner, reservations, disney world, world tourWe went to La Hacienda for our dinner reservations. Again, we booked this one online. To be honest this was not our first choice, but all of our first choices were booked up by the time we got around to making reservations. We were a group of eight so it was difficult to find reservations that would accommodate all of us at the same time and table. The food was okay, but I’ve had better Mexican.

tequila, mexican flag, shots, la hacienda, disney world, world showcase, mexico, epcot centre

A few of us decided it would be a great idea to take some shots of tequila. When in Disney World Mexico, do as Disney World Mexicans would do. We took this authentic Mexican style. First the lime, then the shot, then a shot of spicy tomato juice to wash it all down. I’ve never taken them like this before, but it was fantastic! The tomato juice after is what does it, making you feel like you didn’t even take a shot to begin with. When I say tomato juice I say that quite loosely as it  was more of a mixture of something that resembled a Clamato juice.

china, epcot centre, world showcase, disney world

After our shots we continued on our journey around the world, next stop: China.

germany, epcot centre, world showcase, disney world

Germany was a super cute little town filled with great souvenirs. If you are a beer aficionado this is the place to get yourself a brew. They also have some nice beer mugs for souvenirs here.

snow white, orlando, disney world, epcot centre, world showcase, seven dwarves, grass scupltures

We came across these green sculptures of Snow White and the seven dwarves and decided to take a break and rest our feet for a bit. We thought this was a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Realising we still had an hour though we thought it better to keep exploring in the meantime.

italy, epcot centre, disney world, world showcase, statue, fountain

Italy was outfitted with romantic balconies, gorgeous statues and cute little cafes and restaurants.

japan, epcot centre, disney world, world showcase

Japan’s got the biggest and coolest souvenir shop. We ended up spending quite a lot of time here and almost missed the fireworks.

illuminations, fireworks, light show, epcot centre, disney world, world showcase

The fireworks at Epcot are called the Illuminations Show and take place in the middle of the lake. We were unfortunately not in the most desirable place to watch the fireworks so we ended up with a few lackluster photos.

*Loki Tip* Get a fastpass for the Illuminations Show. This allows you access to designated areas of the park that have optimum viewing of the show.

The fireworks ended our (very long) first day and we walked back to our car which was parked at the beach club resort. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we went on this trip and here I am reliving it all through these posts. I have two more posts to come: one for Magic Kingdom and one for Universal Studios, so please stay tuned!

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