Travels to Orlando, FL : Universal Orlando – Island of Adventures

universal studios, orlando, island of adventure, poseidon fury, travel, review, guide, what to doWe’re going to conclude our Orlando trip with Universal Orlando. It’s been about a month and half since we took this trip but here I am still writing about it. Our final day was dedicated to Universal Orlando which is made up of two parks: Universal Studios (film and TV) and Island of Adventures (comics and books). We started our day off at Island of Adventures home to Seuss Landing, Harry Potter World, Jurassic Park, Toon Lagoon and Marvel Land.

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universal, orlando, tickets, review, guide, what to do, adults, ticketsWe purchased two tickets for one day and park hopper. The day we went had a forecast for rain, so we decided to head over to Island of Adventures first. This is home to most of the places we wanted to go to, so we didn’t want to waste any time.

* Loki Tip * Buy your tickets for Universal before you go to the park. Most hotels sell them in the lobby, or you can even hit up the nearby 24 hr Wal Mart to purchase them. Universal is not as efficient as Disney World was when it came to ticket purchasing. We ended up waiting in line for 45 minutes! Don’t make the same mistake as us.

universal, orlando, rain, ponchos, harry potter, wizarding world, island of adventure, review, guide, what to do

Of course after waiting in line for 45 minutes to get into the park the second we stepped in it started to rain. We all ran into the closest store to purchase these rain ponchos. You can purchase some regular ones, but we all went for the Harry Potter ones. They were $7 each. They are pretty good quality, what I mean is you’ll want to save this and take it home. This is not a disposable flimsy poncho, this is legit.

seuss landing, dr. seuss, island of adventure, universal, orlando, guide, review, what to doOne of the first places you will see is Seuss Landing. Here you can go on a few kiddie rides and see some beloved Dr.Seuss characters.

thing 1, thing 2, universal, orlando, seuss landing, dr. seuss, characters, island of adventure, who to see, places, guide, reviewLucky for us we caught some characters as they were just coming out. The thing about Orlando parks is it is almost damn near impossible to take any pictures with characters. You literally have to line up to take pictures with them. If a line is longer than 2-4 people I ain’t waiting! Here I am with Thing 1 and Thing 2. They were super cute!

green eggs and ham, sam, dr. seuss, seuss landing, universal, orlando, island of adventure, charactersSam from Green Eggs and Ham. We didn’t know how to pose so we decided to mimic eating green eggs and ham. Also forgive my choice in shoe wear. By the last day my feet were so sore and were in so much pain! I decided to choose function over fashion and wear these comfy running shoes. I regret nothing!

universal, orlando, harry potter, wizarding world, hogsmeade, theme park Here we finally are at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! First stop the sleepy wintery town of Hogsmeade.

universal, orlando, harry potter, wizarding world, hogwarts express, hogsmeade, train, theme park, island of adventuresThe Hogwarts Express! In Summer 2014, Universal will have built the official Hogwarts Express that can be taken from Hogsmeade (which is located in Island of Adventures) to Diagon Alley (which will be located in Universal studios). This Hogwarts Express is a fake one. We were a little too early 🙁


We headed into the Three Broomsticks for some lunch and butter beer! If you are a fan you’ll know that butter beer is the drink that Harry and his friends love to indulge in during their visits to Hogsmeade. Butter beer kind of tastes like a caramel rootbeer and it is non-alcoholic. You can get it cold, frozen or apparently hot (I didn’t see this option but I’ve heard you can get it hot). I prefer the frozen one as the regular cold drink was a little too sweet and concentrated for my liking. We even threw in some actual beer we ordered in there to mix things. I would definitely recommend doing that if you can!

universal, orlando, harry potter, wizarding world, butter beer, hogshead, three broomsticks, hogsmeade

*Loki Tip* Try saving your butter beer for after the rides. We drank these right before we went on the Forbidden Journey ride and a we had a few sickies in our group running for the bathroom afterwards. I did not feel sick, surprisingly because I always do, however after waiting in the line for about 45 minutes I had to pee so badly that I didn’t really enjoy the ride.

harry potter, triwizard, beauxbatons, dance, show, harry potter, wizarding world, hogwarts, hogsmeadeThroughout the day you can catch a Triwizard performance done by the beautiful ladies of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the studly boys of Durmstrang Institute.

hogwarts, castle, universal, orlando, harry potter, wizarding world, forbidden journey, ride, school, wizarding world, island of adventureHere she is: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Isn’t she a beaut? Inside you can go on the Forbidden Journey ride. The line up to this ride is long! However throughout the line you are taken through a quasi Hogwarts where you can see some pretty neat Hogwarts type stuff. It’s almost like an attraction within the line. The actual ride itself is a mix between a roller coaster and a 3D adventure. I have never been on a ride like this before and it was pretty amazing! Scary at times but really fun. You follow Harry and the gang in and around Hogwarts and the surrounding land and forests. I won’t ruin the surprise but seriously Wow!

jurassic park, universal, orlando, island of adventures, theme park

We left Harry Potter World and entered Jurassic Park. We didn’t go on any rides in here as we were in a rush to get to the other side of the park. We had missed a lot of time because of the rain.

dudley do right, universal, orlando, island of adventures, water ride, cartoon land, comics, theme park, what to doPast Jurassic Park you enter Toon Lagoon. This is the Dudley Do Right Water Ride. We didn’t go on it but it looked pretty crazy.

universal, orlando, people dryer, water rides, cartoon, island of adventure, what to doAfter all the water rides you can go in one of the People Dryers to dry off.

hamburgers, cartoon, comics, island of adventures, universal, orlando, theme parkAnd finish it all off with a giant pile of hamburgers while you’re at it!

wolverine, marvel, universal, orlando, comics, theme park, island of adventure, charactersWe did a big loop around to Marvel Land. We had actually started here before we went to Seuss Land however, it ended up pouring torrential rain and we were stuck inside a restaurant for about an hour and a half. Because of this we skipped the rest of Marvel land. On our way out we caught a glimpse of a few superheroes though. I love that Wolverine is in his old school uniform. This is the Wolverine I loved as a child in the X-Men comics.

captain america, marvel, universal, orlando, theme park, charactersAlso old school Captain America!

That concludes our time in the Island of Adventures portion of Universal Orlando. I was going to write just one post on all of Universal, but this post would be super long and I don’t want to cut anything out. I’ll be back with the final (for real this time) post to our epic Orlando trip with the second park: Universal Studios.

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